About Malpe Sea Front Cottage

When you wake up in a room at Malpe Sea Front Cottages and step out, you are greeted by the azure-blue sea waters, further up.
The budget category cottages at Malpe offer a dramatic vista – of sea and silver beach sands, with leafy green palm trees earthed along the shoreline.


The cottage rooms complement the natural serenity, with each room being a tender blend of simplicity and comforts of the day. The décor is one of traditional bearings, equipped with basic amenities.



Getting here is just the first step towards a beach bound escape you’ve been looking for. You can click below to find the shortest and the most efficient  way of reaching Malpe Sea Front Cottage.


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For an experience away from the bustle of city life, defined solely by the silver-white sands, sparkling blue waters, and a peaceful ambiance marked by the isolated location of Malpe Sea Front College, make your booking right away.